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When you enter Nook's Cranny, some outstanding items are on display on the left and right in front of the area.walking straightly up the steps, there are 3 main items displayed in the current time period. If you take the initiative to consult, Tommy will introduce the details of the item to you. You can choose to buy as the price is appropriate. The area on the right is a shelf full of items. Players can purchase services under the assistance of Timmy.

Scope of services provided by Nook's Cranny

1. I want to sell!

Open your backpack, select the item that needs to be sold, and click "+" icon. Timmy will evaluate the value of the item and give an appropriate price. If the price meet your expectation, you agree to sell. If it is lower, you can choose to end the transaction.

2. Turnip prices?

Timmy will tell players the current turnip price is 132 bells.

3. What's hot today?

Timmy shows the items on sale today are wooden chair and plain sink. The price of high-priced purchases is generally twice the normal price. So those who intend to higher price, they can pay attention to daily high-priced acnh items.

4. See you later

No service required, players can browse the store by themselves.

How to enjoy the purchase service in Nook's Cranny?

Except for sale service, Nook's Cranny also offer purchase service. Players choose items on the shelf. The system will calculate the price of them automatically and then finish the transaction with Timmy.

Players can buy daily necessities as fishing rod, elephant watering pot, umbrella with logo, sapling and rose seed and so on here. Sapling and Red-mum bag are the plants I often buy because they are needed for construction of my island.

In addition, the upgraded Nook's Cranny also provides various Diy Recipes. Diy Recipe involves in Diy Recipe for slingshot, Flimsy Shovel Recipe, Flimsy Watering Can Recipe and Flimsy Axe Recipe and so on.

The only fruit cherries is on sale on the shelf for tired players to replenish their energy by eating them. Cherries are sold for 400 bells. You can buy up to 5 in one transaction.

Switch the "R" button, the player can choose the wallpaper and floor. There are 16 decorative items in total. My favorite combination is dark parquet flooring and green intricate wall. This set of decoration costs me 3130 bells in total. However, I think it's worthy.

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