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Okay I've got the bottom of the sceptre. I also got the right skull from the minotaurs. All I require is the second lower skull and the left one. But then I will have to fight ankous. I'm not sure I'm powerful enough to take on OSRS gold them. Therefore... Here are my stats. Because I will need to take out some angulos, I'm not sure what time I'll be able to keep my left brain half. Thank You for Answereing!

Although a pure won't perform much, as Pking is no longer a factor, you can still create one. You can train Attack and Strengh on Dummies at Varrock when you reach the top level. Once you are there, you can take on chickens, goblins, and men. As your level increases, you can progress to stronger NPCs. I would suggest you train your strength and attack in lots of 5 levels. This would make it more effective.

5 Attack, then 5 Strength, followed by 10 att, 10 strength, 15 att, 15 str 20 att, 20 str 25 att, 30 str (you should be able to work better at 25-30) 30 att, 35 str. 35 att. 45 str. 40 att. 50 str. 45 att, 55 str 50 att (if you want to become a gmaul then you can practice str with buy RuneScape Mobile gold a ferocious speed, stop at attack).

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