by on September 30, 2021

The World of Warcraft Burning Crusade game is well-known. The game has super difficult big bosses and rigorous logic. Players have remained enthusiastic about World of Warcraft's Burning Crusade. Exploring Outland means experiencing the classic experience of the old World of Warcraft. The more difficult the game, the more heated the game discussion. As of now, WoW BC Classic has two new major raids.

The WoW BC Classic update brings several new factions. The new faction includes Orgrila and the Sha'tar Sky Guard. Players decide who to ally with according to their ideas. After the alliance, you will receive a large number of tasks. Completing these tasks carefully can bring you rich rewards.

Every second in the game needs to be careful. Because if you are careless, you will immediately lose your life. Experienced players can choose to Buy Classic TBC Gold from mmotbc.com to choose powerful weapons and equipment.

A raid on the cave of the Viper Temple. First, you need to go to the Panya Reservoir in Zangar Marsh to conduct a high-level raid. In the process, you have six raid leaders to deal with. The limit for this raid is 25 players, and it is reset once a week.

The Eye raid. The assault consists of storming the Crystal Storm Fortress in the Netherstorm and fighting through four assault leaders. The team copy is limited to 25 people, and it is reset once a week.

There will be a gap between the Burning Crusade in World of Warcraft and the original World of Warcraft experience. In addition to the introduction of raids, it also brings a new faction patch function. But the game provides an ideal balance between the old and the new. Especially when players choose Buy TBC Gold EU, they can experience the new generation of game settings on the nostalgic road.

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