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Today, racial distinctions are not that important unless you have super min increasing your max to gain a 0.5% advantage. It's likely referring to the fact that allies feel that they're being constantly cheated in WOW Classic TBC Gold legends (taking greater losses than the horde and stuff).

A large portion of the player base is also horde because that's what most of the major guilds for raiding are (unless you're oceanic which weirdly is the opposite).

Meta > Friends > Lore. You can use whatever reason you like about the faction you select The real reason is that players were playing the meta, and one faction was better than the other in PvP. If they had disabled racial skills for factions in PvP before they released the game, the imbalance wouldn't have been nearly as bad.

The game's release was primarily about PvE with a few exceptions. In the case of PvE, the influence of racial abilities was lower than the Paladin/Shaman impact for 40 players. In this scenario, the meta is Alliance. ... Now...Classic WoW...everyone knows every PvE encounter and can do them in their sleep. Thousands of videos and guide that make them all simple but the main "challenge" today is PvP and buy WOW TBC Gold in the game with smaller groups, the difference between Paladin and Shaman isn't as significant, however the differences in racials is noticeable...and that's why Horde becomes the meta faction.

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