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While 2K15 didn't offer anything in terms of innovation, it was a significant addition to existing content. 2K16 was a big success in introducing MyLeague adapting to the changing needs of the game, including the ability to move franchises. This allowed gamers to create their own leagues. The era also saw MyCareer mode become a special experience.

NBA 2K18 is the fourth tie-breaking game with an 87 rated. This game gets a spot alone, because the lowest score that it earned on any platform was a Nintendo Switch score of 74. This is more than previous games' lowest scores. The cover of this issue includes Kyrie Irving.

Because 2K operated in the "if there's no problem do not fix it" mode the game did not have any major modifications. Still, they added fascinating things like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett as commentators on the field and other classic teams. The real kicker was the inclusion of All-Time Teams, putting together teams from the greatest franchises' players.

Three games are tied at three games tied at 89. First up is NBA 2K3, which is one of the first games in the series. They got off to a good start and kept some of the game elements that have earned favorable reviews up to this point. They also retained Allen Iverson as the cover athlete.

While many of the features remained the similar, there were a few key modifications. The presentation was the biggest change. NBA 2K3 was the beginning of a partnership between ESPN and Nike, making the game appear more real more than ever.

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