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You shouldn't be in the wildy if you don't want to loose items. The wilderness is only that, THE WILD. In real life if you get injured or die you can't return to get your stuff so why should you get your stuff back in RuneScape for creating a ridiculous mistake.

The system makes simply a replica of the items to you'd lose if there wasn't a gravestone and place the copies into the torso: everybody happy, PKer got loot and victim (diminished happy) still got his things if he was still in time to get his things from his gravestone back. However, I feel a player should be protected from getting killed before he reaches his gravestone so he still have a chance to receive back his stuff and when his gravestone collaps, his protection from getting killed will also be gone.

This notion means that there will be getting more and more items in the market so Jagex can make skills like building which"eats" an amount of cash or items by being a costly skill. This may bring back RWT and also make it even easier so NO. Well, yesterday I had this idea, uhm... Oh well, assess the critters! So my thought was, to place in the gods theirself in the match!

The chaos druids are non-aggresive, but Zamorak is. There are also 10 normal Druids encircling him (non-aggresive). Should you begin attacking saradomin, he'll yell"Are you an assassin from Zamorak? Then prepare to die!" And he"ll freeze you for 5 minutes.

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