by on May 15, 2021

I purchased it because of the hype. That is famous to saybut the game is really boring. After you receive your three of four important buildings done and a couple of island inhabitants, all you have to do is collect materials and craft stuff in a work bench. Or you can buy items at the general store. But it's super repetitive and I can not find a reason people are so crazed about it. Like I can not even spend a complete hour on the match at one time.

With that said, I really do think it's an amazing game but I would not have put so much time to it when I was not playing with friends and family. During the pandemic, we'd get on and enjoy each others company, Talk about what fish we obtained, any cool items we had at the shop, commerce and gift items to each other etc..

My buddies dropped it and I kept going but it was just a daily zen garden kind of item. Proceed to my island. Checkout what is popped up. At this point I was already a couple of hundred hrs in. Haven't touched it in some time, but I understand I can jump back in any time.

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