by on May 13, 2021

Nintendo has linked the design of the animal crossing game with the actual situation of people. The developer provided each villager with a mobile phone. All villagers have their own special mobile phone protective cases in the game. There are also some mobile phone cases. They may appear in upcoming updates.

All villagers in New Horizons have their unique phone boxes. They start with a basic phone case, just like any player's avatar. The ACBellsBuy store will continue to provide players with the Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells service. But over time, they will unlock different phone cases.

There are other settings. Developers and designers have added user-friendly settings. This has not been achieved in many games. This is also a bold attempt. You can get different textures and fabrics from her. You can unlock specific rainbow-colored phone cases for users who have unlocked the pattern with Sable.

In addition, there are rumors that in the next update, Nintendo will introduce a new phone case for children in the game. Nintendo will also introduce a different phone case to old friends. In addition, players can continue to enjoy the services of Buy Nook Miles Tickets. He may use a tropical-style phone case and play a role in the game.

It is rumored that the second character to be launched is Kapp'n. Kapp'n is an excellent escort and is well known in the animal crossing community. He led each player to move back and forth from the original animal to different islands. His phone case matches his shirt, which is very interesting and pleasant.


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