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Like the other two, excpet it'll take 8 minutes to your victim to rise. Also, doing more harm than the others. This however, such as 72 mage, needs you to be wearing the Amulet mentioned upwards. Once cast upon your own victim, they will drop and whatever you strike divided by two is the ammount of seconds it will take for that individual to get up. In addition, it can do more damage than the others recorded. In addition to 76 mage, you will be asked to use the Amulet.

With an intimidating name, it will quite as much harm as it sounds it would. Four orbs of wind, earth, water, and fire create effect with your unfortunate victim. Able to strike up to 5 every orb, this can be a rather useful and potent spell. Requires Amulet and 85 mage.

This spell casts a grisly transparent figure dressed in a long cloak and robe (much like a Shade.) The"ghost" approaches your victim and reaches"to" them whilst doing so, is really reducing their attack by 20 percent, Power by 20 percent, Defence 20%, and whether they're using prayer, it takes off 7 factors of it. Requires Amulet and 91 mage.

F.O.G. Locate Full: This spell, unlike the minimum Locate, brings you straight to a victim. With all that, it also needs 98 mage.

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