by on April 6, 2021
Spiral cleaning brush roller
Perfect manufacturing process, the straight strip brush wound into a spring-like cylinder brush roller, in the printing industry, packaging industry is often used, the biggest advantage is to maximize the density.
Any customized product is designed to address the special requirements of special customers. Whether it's from a shape or an effect, or even how it's installed. can have powerful and flexible customization features.
Under the basic shape of the cylindrical brush roller, the program of the computer CNC device can change the arrangement of bristles. The adjustable performance of the trimming device can also change the external structure of the bristles.
Separate installation, combined stitching. Spirals, V-types, trapezoids, are all from long-standing production experience.
Solves installation difficulties, cleans dead ends, and collects dust.
Really did the industrial brush roller update and progress.
Customized Brush Roller
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