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Ok, if any1 read my old subject about the mage emotes, I read they're hints so heres a brand new one. Of OSRS gold cb abilities. Ok heres the layout. Let's say that you achieve, uhh like 70 strength. You can visit your emote tab also there would be two tabs inside of those.

It would be a medium level skill improvement. Yet it fits in the category of needed improvements, so I will put it . In addition, I'm aware this was brought up several times. But if something was mentioned many times then that's just evidence of high need for this.

In Falador, one can change their family crest. The crests come in many unique shapes, with many distinct colours. One would think that if the family crest was changed, then the colors of decorations like drapes and rugs would as well. Wellthey do not. The only color all decorations come in is colors of white and red.

Therefore, rugs and drapes should change colour to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold suit one's family crest colors. For example, arrav's colors are white and blue. To follow suit, all curtains and rugs would be either white or blue. If more than two colors are used, then perhaps the color least used can be the colour of the trim onto the opulent variant of drapes and rugs.

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