by on February 25, 2021

Waitttt we could put designs on the ground of our homes!? Animal Crossing motivated back piece by Pony Reinhardt of Tenderfoot Studio in Brooklyn New York. My very first tattoo!

I love this!How does this hold up over time? I've been considering getting some tattoos in this style.

Congratulations on your first tattoo such a great one!Such a cool concept and execution is beyond! My favorite kind of tattoo, as well as among my favorite games!Thanks for placing a name to this, I have never understood it, but actually like the style!

Over time ink spreads and moves somewhat under the skin, so the shading and linework being mostly well-spaced points gives me assurance that this will age nicely. Skin care and UV protection are ALWAYS crucial to ink aging well, regardless of what the actual tattoo is.

Heiret clarified that the joke is still the same -- though it seems that they dropped the"bass" off the end of it -- that answers on the"homophones'sea' and'C' to change how you perceive the description of this creature."

I have a tattoo from the same artist! It's 6 years old and really hasn't showed any signs of aging however. I'm good about keeping it sunscreened which likely helps a bit.I love Animal Crossing and this is such a lovely"grown up" way to have it tattooed! Nothing wrong with the animation style either but that really is beautiful.

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