It also envisions a far reaching overhaul of the tax code of the sort Romney has promised.In turning to runescape 2007 gold Ryan, Romney bypassed other potential running mates without the Wisconsin lawmaker following among rank and file conservatives, including Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

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Republican officials said Romney had spoken with all three.Romney and Ryan appeared unusually comfortable with each other when they campaigned together earlier in the year. The former governor eagerly shared the microphone with the younger man and they shared hamburgers at a fast food restaurant.

In making an endorsement before his state primary last spring, Ryan said, picked who I think is going to be the next president of the United States I picked Mitt Romney. The moment is here. The country can be saved. It is not too late to get America back on the right track. It is not too late to save the American idea. was the subject of an April Fools prank in which Ryan played a role.

Republican National Committee finance chairman Ron Weiser of Michigan, said Friday night that Ryan selection would help Romney win Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes in the fall. The state typically supports Democrats in presidential contests, and Obama won it handily four years ago.for the 2012 election addresses those that view his business achievements as a negative for his campaign:"

Ryan has worked in Washington for much of his adult life, a contrast to Romney, who frequently emphasizes his experience in business.Romney showed up at a supposed campaign event where he heard Ryan calling him next president of the United States only to find the room nearly empty.Mitt Romney.Joining the host with his wife Ann by his side, the Republican Party presumptive nominee

Alongside the Opening Ceremony, Morgan Tonight welcomes a man often credited with saving the olympics more than a decade ago, Mitt Romney on being criticized for his accomplishmentsEarlier this week, a Ryan adviser said the congressman, his wife and their three children were preparing for a weeklong Colorado vacation.

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