we can assume that just because Keynes thought that was the it. Keynes may just have been runescape gold working on the first step of the transformation. If the aliens had unknown plans for outliers that would make them as formidable as the alien that killed the IGA leadership then 1000 could do a lot. Why bother with outliers or consider them that important if they weren going to become something formidable?

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I looking for a new mouse around the $50 80 range that has a mouse 4 + 5 (and no more) on the side (righty), as well as a rebindable mouse 6 underneath the scroll wheel. Something that has a reliable mouse wheel >_>My favorite idea to help with rivens is to have riven transmuters, instead of rerolling the weapon, allow you to roll only 1 stat on a riven at a lowered kuva cost (maybe like 1k at max rolls).

Its an interesting point you make though, that they defective through no fault of their own. God created me to be attracted to young guys, so why should i be punished as a pedophile? I guess, for me, as long as someone understand right from wrong, even if they don FEEL it, they should be subject to the same punishment.

Wow, sorry, that deviated from talking about the show to the ethics of justice and punishment. Lol. Bit of a tangent.About those high functioning psychopaths . they are smart enough to understand how society punishes you for breaking the rules. So I agree they understand consequences. I just doubt they agree with our definitions of right and wrong.

I don think it is a matter of knowing it is wrong and just not feeling it. I think they would disagree that it is wrong, but want to avoid society punishment. Those CEOs are the smart ones who found/created acceptable outlets for how they want to behave. They don agree that cruelty and lack of empathy is wrong. They just created environments where people around them would stop bugging them about it. "It not personal. It just business."

On your broader point, I had a similar discussion after a psych class. If our behavior results from a combination of nature and nurture, both of which are out of our control . then how are we responsible for who we become? It seems like we can only make small choices within a framework that already set by DNA and parenting/environment.

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