I don think this will harm new player experience as much as you think it will. It is not like new players buy osrs gold cannot search stuff on their own. Even if new players ask for help, a good portion of the time they will be directed to stuff like Quests Guides or the Wiki anywayjust like every other public option for chatting during Jerma stream. I could belittle the discord chat you seem to prefer just as easily..

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Empyrion base building is much more powerful thanks to numerous options and variety. The downside is the UI takes some getting used to it made our group better appreciate 7DTD UI.I just used them as I needed help. So if someone does want to learn more about the game, it makes more sense to give them a safe link to the partnered fansite rather than having them search it and run into more devious places.

muted to calm things down and send the message that voice chat needs to behave. As I mentioned, things were fine when they lifted the mute for a few minutes during what was apparently a moment of mod team confusion. Locking it down permanently on the first offense was not necessary is all I trying to get at. Now those of us who enjoy voice without being disruptive don get to do so during such a big stream. It an incredible shame.

Yeah, I edited my original comment to reflect that. I considered it an incredible shame on the basis that they were going to keep it locked up for the entire stream, which is the approach Luc announced they were going to take. I glad they finally saw reason, and I respect their willingness to reverse that mistake.

Kinda disingenuous of you to misrepresent the voice chat like that. If it not your cup of tea that totally cool, but it has value. Voice can communicate things with nuances that text lacks. I heard more than a few good jokes told while hanging out there during Jerma streams that really wouldn have worked as chat messages. I also enjoy how much more personal it is. Sometimes people tell bad jokes too,

So giving the option to look up things ingame might make it a bit easier to find, but it really won change much. Like you mention about killing chickens with an Addy Warhammer, which you wouldn have done if you used the Wiki. But even if a player looks up that stuff, they might not have the same understanding of it. For example, you might realize that Warhammers are slower, but you might also assume that the small stats bonus justifies the loss in speed and not that the weapon is terrible.

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