The exceptional Rocket Canyon will be accessible for $9.99, and it will action you aggregate that the chargeless canyon comes with and again some, including appropriate customization items, all new car bodies, keys and exceptional versions of the amateur banners and titles. Additionally, the rocket league items will net you the adeptness to alleviate XP boosts that will accumulate your XP assets throughout the continuance of the Rocket Canyon getting active.The chargeless and exceptional versions will be accessible beyond all platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You will not be able to alleviate crates from the  tiers, but you can alleviate decryptors and keys. Additionally, the FAQ mentions that it will yield an estimated 100 hours to alleviate all the tiers accessible in the Rocket Pass, which is a abundant bulk of time investment for the $9.99 exceptional version.This will all tie into the big July ceremony accident for Rocket League, which will amount amid July and August, featuring massive new cross-platform play updates, forth with the accomplishing of Progression 2.0, which will check the leveling, abolish the akin 75 cap and the adeptness to alleviate new attenuate items, titles and banners. The new akin cap will be continued up to 100, giving gamers even added affidavit to accumulate arena and unlocking accessory in the game.This aswell ties into the new XP mechanics that will duke out bonuses based on in-match performances, as able-bodied as the addition of the Rocket Pass.

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