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Where would you be if you were looking at haystack rockHe and his gang members wore armour which was rs gold ashioned from mouldboards, which were the curved boards/ metal plates of a farmer's plough or cultivator. Finishing touches to the armour and helmets were made with pieces of leather and iron bolts. (MORE)

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It commonly has some form of layering to it, what is called a "foliation". If it is distinctly foliated it is called a schist, somewhat less foliated: a gneiss. For the correct terminology see: "Metamorphic Rocks : A classification and Glossary of Terms" Recommendations of the International Union of Geological Sciences, Subcomission on the Systematics of Metamorphic Rocks', (D. Fettes J. Desmons, Editors), Cambridge University Press, 2007. (MORE)

Since Imperialism is as old as human settlements, and territory wars older than the species, you're going to have to define things a bit better. Otherwise you're contrasting a relatively modern socio economic political theory with the concept of building an empire, a trend of violent unification and cultural conquest that would include every major and minor empire known to man.

I don't think Communism ever inherently kills anyone either. Communist revolutions, and oppressive dictatorships do, but plenty of people have been killed by democratic governments and monarchies, not to mention plutocracies, theocracies, capitalist military dictators, matriarchies, patriarchies and any other system of organizing people you can imagine.

Hooiberg is a Dutch equivalent of 'haystack'. The most famous example of the use of the word may be found on the Caribbean island of Aruba. The word is the name of a volcanic formation almost in the center of Aruba. Hooiberg is made up of a distinctive variety of quartz diorite. It's called hooiebergite. For a view of the most famous 'hill' on Aruba, please visit the link provided below. (MORE)

Marble is quiet variable in color and some places in the world it is optically clear. Other stocks can be sugar white. Suggest you do an image search for marble to get some ideas.' 'One note: The famous Tennessee marble is not technically marble but crystallized limestone. By definition marble must have been wholly and completely metamorphosed such that nothing of the original rock fabric remains. (MORE)

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