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Having Jerry Buco or Joe Johnson starting out as a place to replace Phevos might be the easiest solution, but these players could not save the Jazz, and perhaps the deal was over before the deal was over.The first section to NBA Live Coins open the fight, the first 5 minutes 12 seconds, Rahman foul Henson shot, gave the Bucks a free throw. 6 minutes and 56 seconds, Bledsoe slip the ball, was steals Ravens steals. 8 minutes and 32 seconds, received a pass from Middleton, Bledsoe succeeded one-third succeeded. Bucks played smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 9 assists, including one for Middleton Middleton teammate sent three passes. Bulls strengthen defense, this section of the team completed a total of 6 steals. Bulls fall into the trap mistakes, mistakes up to 7 times. The first section of the truce, the Bucks to 6-point lead into the next section.


Subsection back, the first 3 minutes 7 seconds, Dellavedova mistakes occurred, was steals Ravens. 6 minutes and 29 seconds, Middleton foul on Mark Kanin shot, gave the Bulls a free throw. The first 11 minutes 9 seconds, Grant fed the ball, Mirotic and third hit a long shot. Milwaukee played smooth with this section of the team completed a total of 12 assists, including one of Atakaubo Bo sent his teammates five passes. Bulls soared one-third, the team voted 10 three-pointers in this section, shooting 40.00%. The Bucks feel quite good this section, the team shot 73.68% shooting, compared with the Bulls 30.77% win, of which only 7 points Middlesex this section. Halftime, this section scores for 61-42, the Bucks temporarily lead.

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