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If Labissiere can beforehand a few go-to cavalcade moves to NBA Live Mobile Coins brace with his ambit skills, he’ll be a breeze in the top spot. The bigger abeyant botheration for Labissiere would be an NCAA assay into the basal academy he played for in top school. 2. Ben Simmons, LSU Apprentice | 6’10”, 239 pounds | avant-garde An Australian native, Simmons came to the U.S. in 2013 to play for Montverde (Fla.) prep, which consistently churns out academy and NBA prospects.


His godfather, David Patrick, is an abettor at LSU and helped to committed his at NBA Mobile Coins commitment. Simmons has acquaintance amphitheatre all 5 positions and has the ballhandling to prove it. At 6’10” and 225 (and counting) pounds, he’ll be a antagonism botheration for about every adversary in the SEC. ? MORE NBA: Abstract winners, losers | Top undrafted players| Abstract grades 3. Brandon Ingram, Duke Apprentice | 6’9”, 196 pounds | avant-garde The next in the band of one-and-done affairs at Duke,


Ingram is a 6’9” adeptness avant-garde with an absorbing 7’3” wingspan. He was a champ in top school, accepting four beeline accompaniment titles; and he’ll be admired in Duke, because he spurned North Carolina in allotment to become a Dejected Devil. He needs to add some austere weight to his anatomy in acclimation to be an NBA scorer, but he won’t about-face 18 until September, so teams will adulation the abstraction of his upside. 4.


Dragan Bender, Maccabi Tel Aviv 17 years old | 7’1”, 216 pounds | avant-garde SI alien a lot of of the apple to the fable of Dragan Bender in an August 2014 breadth from Luke Winn. A able 7-footer who is a three-point threat, Bender will no agnosticism draw comparisons to Kristaps Porzingis. Of course, if that bureau that he will be alleged in the top five, that shouldn’t be a botheration for the Croatian big man.


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