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When an excavator Marketing and Customer Experience Center was set up at Putzmeister’s French subsidiary, it marked the entrance of SANY excavators into the French market. compact excavator This is the second one SANY has established in Europe after the 24.8-hectare industrial park in Bedburg, Germany


The opening ceremony of the Excavator Market and Customer Experience Center was held on July 4, with the products showcased including SANY's 1.6-ton mini excavator SY16 and its 21-ton medium excavator SY215, models that were targeted to the European and also the French market. Excavator Prices


Putzmeister had set up its French headquarter in Melun of Paris region in 2008, occupying a total land area of 20,000 square meters. According to the cooperation, Putzmeister France offers after-sales service of technical support, maintenance, and machine and accessories storage, to the Sany Excavator customers in France. With its mature French base and network, Putzmeister France will offer invaluable resources to the newly-established marketing and customer experience center, helping promote SANY excavators within the French market. Large Excavator


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