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Sany Heavy Industry India Pvt Ltd (short for Sany India) is the subsidiary of Sany Group, the world-leading construction machinery manufacturer. 3 tonne excavator Established in the year of 2002, Sany India has become the largest overseas subsidiary of Sany Group with super R&D capability and established manufacturing plant. With high quality and favorable price, Sany products are well-received in India market, especially the Medium Excavator.


First of all, Sanymachine’s performance is second to none. Built with advanced technology and super design, Sany Excavator are reliable enough to handle various constructions in the toughest working environment. For example, the medium diggers are widely used in earthwork, stone exploitation, water conservancy, road, mining and tunnel construction. The medium excavator’s engine is designed to work in four modes according to different working conditions includingheavy-duty mode, standard mode, light-duty mode, and break mode. And the dynamic optimizing matching control system (DOMCS) intelligently matches the engine system and hydraulic system, which improves working efficiency by 6% and reduces fuel consumption by 10%.


In additions, there are other reasons why Sany medium excavator is so popular in India market.Before entering India, Sany makes investigation about the local market and manufactures products according to the local needs and working environment. For example, the middle digger SY220C is the representative localized product, which marked the beginning of Sany India’s localized strategy. By going local, Sany products and service received high recognition from the local customers. With the growth of excavators business, the group has achieved overall profitability and been well poised for the future development. crawler excavator


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