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Built with advanced technology and fully-new design, digger excavator Sany piling rigfeatures high efficiency, high stability and high reliability, which is widely used in piling construction of road building, city construction, civil construction and so on.

High Efficiency

Sanydrilling machine adoptsintelligent control system, mini excavator which has great advantages in ease of operation, malfunction alarming, data recording and transferring, all of which improve working efficiency.

High Stability

The new specialized chassis has extended lengthand its heavy weight and low gravity greatly improve stability, reducing shaking to the minimum. 3 tonne excavator

High Reliability

The precision-engineered components are designed to extend the machine’s service life and make the machine reliable enough to withstand the rigor of any job conditions. The advanced components includelightened pulley, small excavator strengthened mast, newly-design rotary platform and lengthened drill stern, all of which ensures a high reliability.

Strong Rock Drilling Ability

The strengthened components enhance the piling rig’s drilling capacity and extend its piling depth.

High Safety Piling Machinery

The all-round monitoring system, spacious cab window, alarm warning and strengthened guardrail greatly enhance the safety of the operator and people around.

Ease of Maintenance 

The integrated electric control system realizesautomated diagnosis about themalfunction. The self-clean control system and removable components provide great convenience to maintenance. Rotary Drilling Rig


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